Monopoly, Anyone?

The Union of Concerned Scientists has a useful newsletter, Food and Environment Electronic Digest (FEED). The latest issue has a story about a giant corporation’s attempt to corner the market. Here’s the story from FEED: “An Associated Press (AP) investigation has detailed practices by seed giant Monsanto that allow it to control access to its seeds and stifle competition. For example, Monsanto licensing agreements bar independent biotechnology companies from breeding plants that include both genes from Monsanto and genes from any of its rivals. Since 95 percent of the soybeans and 80 percent of the corn grown in the United States are Monsanto products, these agreements hobble the improvement of competitors’ products and put Monsanto in a position to dominate the U.S. grain supply, which could pave the way for increases in food prices. Read more about the AP investigation. The Department of Justice is investigating Monsanto for anticompetitive practices.”


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