The Many Miles of a Fast Food Meal in Seattle

1. The cow moved from a Texas range to a Colorado feedlot to be fattened.

2. Corn from Nebraska goes to the feedlot to feed the cow.

3. Water from the Ogalalla aquifer is used to water the cow.

4. The cow is slaughtered and the parts shipped to Seattle.

5. Milk from a dairy in Washington is turned into cheese.

6. Tomatoes and lettuce from California become garnish.

7. Wheat from Idaho becomes the hamburger bun.

8. Potatoes from Idaho become the fries.

9. Corn oil from Nebraska is used to fry the French fries.

10. Salt from Louisiana is added.

11. Florida tomatoes are shipped to Pittsburgh to make ketchup.

12. Ketchup is shipped to Ohio, where ketchup pouches are made.

13. Ketchup is shipped from Ohio to Seattle.

14. The box of fries is made of pulp from an Arkansas mill.

15. Bauxite from Australia is imported to make aluminum.

16. Calcium oxide from Japan is used to process the bauxite.

17. Aluminum goes from smelter to canner to make cans.

18. Corn from Iowa becomes the corn syrup to sweeten the coal.

Source: Stuff: The Secret Life of Everyday Things by John Ryan and Alan Durning

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