One More Reason Organic Farms are Good

Industrial Agriculture is as outdated as the Model T. You’ll probably read statements (including some by people who should know better) that millions of people would starve if it weren’t for pesticide, irrigation, and fertilizer-dependent agriculture. (Funny how they don’t care about hungry people until their industries are threatened). True, we can’t eliminate it all at once, but the world need small organic growers. One reason is that they restore soil fertility, rather than depleting it with chemicals. “Organic farming contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions because it reduces the consumption of fossil fuels (notably those used in fertilizer manufacturing), and reduces emissions of CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. It also reduces vulnerability of soils to erosion, while at the same time increasing carbon stocks in the soil. Consequently, conversion to organic farming is believed to be a viable way of reducing GHG emissions.”  Introduction to Organic Agriculture and Climate Change Conference, September 28-29, 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria


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  1. Imagine if we had a process to remove billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere safely, quickly and cost-effectively – while at the same time building soil, reversing desertification, boosting biodiversity, enhancing global food security and improving the lives of hundreds of millions of people in rural and regional areas around our planet?

    And all this without using any artificial fertilisers…

    We do – it’s called changed grazing management and soil carbon.

    Please take a look at the presentations on to learn more.


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