Nestlé Products Taking a Bite Out of Rainforests

Nestle products takes a bite out of rainforests

When you’re biting into some of Nestlé’s most popular products – like PowerBar, Butterfinger, and Nestlé Crunch Crisp you could be taking a bite out of precious rainforests. A new report , click here to view, we released shows that Nestlé has purchased palm oil linked to Paradise Forest destruction in Southeast Asia.

Growing global demand for palm oil is fueling the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia to make way for expanding palm plantations. Fire is often used to clear forests, causing massive, polluting blazes. Illegal canals are cut into ancient peatlands, draining water and releasing methane and other potent greenhouse gases.

We need your help to tell Nestlé to stop destroying rainforests for palm oil! You can do so by clicking on this link from


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