Dueling Data: The Meat Controversy

A renowned and widely quoted United Nations report from 2006 identified meat production as causing 18% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Lately an air quality specialist at UC Davis claimed that in the US, it amounts to only 3% and that cutting back on meat is a distraction from the search for solutions to climate change.

To read the article from UCDavis click here… and to read Veggies are Wrong and Eating Less Meat will NOT Save the Planet click here.

But just days later, another report came out affirming the danger of meat to planet earth.

To read the article Major Report Explores Staggering Impact of Meat Production click this link.
I’m no climate scientist, but I can see many reasons meat is harming the earth. Producing the food to feed the animals uses a third of earth’s arable land – which could be used to feed people. Rainforests are being cut down at an alarming rate to grow soybeans to turn into animal food. Manure and liquid and methane waste from the animals pollutes air, water, and soil. The oceans are being emptied of fish that are also turned into animal feed.

What do you think?


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