*Environmental Nobel Prizes for People Who Heal Our Food World*

The Goldman Prize (fondly known as the Environmental Nobel) is given to 6 people each year. American Lynn Henning won this year for revealing how the cruel factory farm industry in Michigan was poisoning water supplies and air – and for persisting in her tireless work despite threats and intimidation. Read more here.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, Humberto Rios discovered that some farmers had never adopted “modern” farming methods, and that their traditional practices could help the nation rebuild their land and food system. Read more here.

In nearby Costa Rica, Randall Arauz led a campaign to stop the horribly cruel practice of getting shark fin (a delicacy in China). Read more here.

*Earth-Friendly Food Chain salutes Lynn Henning, Humberto Rios, and Randall Arauz!


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