Cancer Giving Chickens

Did you know that the average US consumer eats about 89 lbs of chicken a year? Shouldn’t you be concerned to know that these chickens are being fed with an arsenic based drug?

In a recent article “Arsenic and Old Studies” found the Environmental Magazine, it informs that chickens are being fed “growth-promoting feed with “roxarsone,” an arsenic-based drug fed to an estimated 70% of the U.S. broiler (meat) chickens.” Since there are two sides to every story, there is a concern that “if roxarsone is banned, advantages in animal health and welfare, food safety and environment sustainability would be sacrificed,” according to Richard Lobb, director of communications for the industry trade group, the Nation Chicken Council. On the other hand, it has been discovered that “inorganic arsenic in drinking water has been linked to liver, kidney, lung, bladder, and skin cancer,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has also heavily impacted the Prairie Grove residents who can’t escape these poisonous chickens who have caused their cancer and other major health issues.

You can help this battle by cutting back on chicken consumption and by being aware of what you eat.

For the full article, Arsenic and Old Studies from the March/April 2010 E/The Environmental Magazine.  The article can be viewed with its graphics at:


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