Call it “The Oil Hemorrhage”

It’s not just a spill any more! Spill makes it sound light-hearted, as you would say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” This isn’t just milk, nor is it just a spill. We call it “The Oil Hemorrhage.” Why? Because by definition, a hemorrhage is “a rapid and uncontrollable loss or outflow.”  This seems more appropriate than calling it an oil spill! This oil hemorrhage in the Gulf of Mexico is something that everyone should be concerned about! It is one of the largest environmental disasters EVER and will affect everyone for generations! We predict that fish will be even more hazardous to our health as well as to other animals that consume them. Will the fish and marine life have to evolve to survive? Will enough fish survive to do that?

What do you think will be some other consequences to this so-called spill?


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