If you have high blood pressure, you’ve been told a million times to cut back on salt intake. Salt overuse may also contribute to stroke and heart disease. But do you know how much salt you’re eating? Most people don’t, and that’s an ignorance that is not bliss… it’s dangerous.  Writing for the New York Times (click for full article), Michael Moss reported, “The food industry releases some 10,000 new products a year, the Department of Agriculture has reported, and processed foods, along with restaurant meals, now account for roughly 80% of the salt in the American diet.”

Salt ponds in San Francisco Bay help satisfy Americans’ appetite for salt. By some estimates, deep cuts in salt use could save thousands of lives a year.

Why am I mentioning this on a blog about food and the environment? Because one of the best ways to avoid excessive salt is to avoid processed foods and fast foods, which typically are loaded with salt to create flavor in the otherwise bland product.  In other words (and I’m only going to tell you this another million times), do some of your own cooking with fresh foods and you won’t be letting salt sneak into your body. That’s good advice for everyone.


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