It’s Official

Yup I’ve suspected it for years.  Now the United Nations, through its International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management’s new report called Environmental Impacts of Consumption and Production: Priority Products and Materials, says the agriculture is one of the two top sectors needing major renovation this century.  The other is – all together now – energy.  So if your budget isn’t quite ready to handle a solar array, you can do as much for the planet with earth-wise food choices.

Remember the 5 guidelines of The Earth-Friendly Food Chain: More organic, less meat, more diversity, and more local.  Oh wait, that’s only four. Ok, add in “less processing, packaging, and waste,” as the fifth guideline.  The most powerful food choice of them all? Number 2: eat less meat ( that means less fish, dairy, and eggs). It’s official – see the UN website’s write-up here.

There are other sources of protein besides food from animals, so your health won’t be harmed — and frankly would improve if you reduced your consumption of artery-clogging, waistline-expanding cholesterol.  


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