As if Oil Wasn’t Enough, Let’s Just Dump in Gallons of Dispersants!

It’s been 100 days since BP’s accidental “spill.” When over 94 to 184 MILLION gallons have been dumped into our ocean, I’m pretty sure it’s not just spill anymore – SO STOP CALLING IT THAT! It’s an Oil Hemorrhage! Yes, it was temporarily capped 2 weeks ago, but we still have over 80 days of gushing oil to take care of… I just read an article that informed me that there are 1.8 million gallons of dispersant chemicals being dumped into the ocean! Get this: the article is even entitled, “Scientists’ dispersant concerns remain.” Yes okay, I just said we need to take care of the oil floating around in the ocean, but as we are dumping millions of gallons in hopes to dissipate the oil and nobody is listening to the scientists who are saying, “Hummm wait, this might not have the best side effects for our sea creatures and humans who eat seafood!” Actually, they are. In fact they’re saying, “…such more needs to be learned about dispersants — their behavior with oil, chemical ingredients, chronic and delayed effects — to understand the risks” in regards to humans. What’s worse is the scientist (according to this article) can’t even agree if the natural decomposition of the oil or throwing in the dispersants will produce the best results.

Bottom line is I’m a bit outraged. I feel like you’ve had 100 days now to figure out which would be a better outcome and years to learn about dispersants! Shouldn’t you know by now? Isn’t that your jobs?! And why are we dumping in things that we’re not 100% sure if in the long run it’ll be good for the fish and us or that it’s the best method of getting rid of the oil?!


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