The Bad Eggs and Good Grocery Stores

In light of the 1/2 billion egg recall due the 1,300 salmonella cases (article in: The Huffington Post) , Trader Joe’s and Fareway Stores have committed to stop selling the supplier Jack DeCoster’s eggs in their stores for good. What’s the reason why these grocery stores have committed to this? It’s because of the 32,000 Food Democracy Now! members who campaigned against the bad eggs and their production.

We want to salute those members and encourage you in the fight against DeCoster’s facilities and their bad eggs distribution at other grocery stores! There are two things you can do to participate:

1. Sign the petition to tell other groceries to stop selling bad eggs and spread the word for others to do so as well.

2. Help fund Food Democracy Now!’s Bad Egg campaign to help pay for travel and signature deliveries at Costco, Walmart, and others’ big corporate headquarters.


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