There are Plenty of (Other) Fish in the Sea! – GMO Salmon

Recently there has been a debate on genetically modified salmon since there are supposedly not enough fish in the ocean to feed everyone. According to this Opinion article on, there is only one modified gene in the salmon. It will help benefit the farming of salmon because they eat less and will produce more fish faster, and the added hormone has not effect to humans. (That we know of yet!) One of the biggest concerns is that some of these farmed salmon will escape into the wild and contaminate the other fish by breeding and endangering the environment in a way that we can no longer control or reverse.

In my opinion although these instant benefits seem wonderful and easy, the long run results may turn out detrimental to other fish as well as us. There are plenty of other fish in the ocean. We can cut back  on our consumption on salmon. Honestly I’d rather not eat salmon then eat anything genetically modified. To  tell the FDA you won’t eat GMO Salmon, please sign this petition by FoodDemocracyNow!!!! There are only 48 hours left to sign!

What are your concerns with this? What are your thoughts on GMO salmon?



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