Having no meat and eating it, too

Veggie burgers and tofu, nutloaf and hummus are just some of the savory foods that give us a way to get protein in a compassionate way, without participating in the meat industry. But I, for one, sometimes wish these tasty dishes also had the chewiness that meat eaters get. Some veggie burgers are great but others…… let us draw a veil over them. “Veat” is good, but expensive and hard to find.

Scientists have been working for years on creating a meat alternative in the lab – a few starter muscle cells which could then become actual meat without any animals at all (except the first). Other teams are working to create a product based entirely on plants. Either one would be a dream for the environment, human health, and most of all for animals.


A few days ago I read that “test tube” meat will be ready this fall from the Dutch researchers who have been working on this for a while. We’ll have to see if this is something that we like and can ethically promote. In the meantime, for good meatless food check out the San Francisco restaurants Greens, Gracias Madre, and Millennium, Berkeley’s Maoz Vegetarian, and Café Gratitude in Oakland and San Rafael.

And try luscious confections that don’t look like meat at all, such as this portabella mushroom terrine (pictured).


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