Even better nutrition advice, this time from Harvard

Harvard Healthy Eating Plate smTwo years ago, the USDA issued a nutrition guideline called MyPlate, which I wrote about here with cautious optimism. It was certainly an improvement over the old food pyramid, but according to the folks at Harvard, it still had flaws. Harvard School of Public Health has now issued its own guide to healthy eating, called Healthy Eating Plate. It, too, uses the visual image of a plate with colored quadrants, but a close look reveals some really valuable improvements.

Perhaps the most important is the emphasis on whole grains (as opposed to the refined ones we’ve become used to). Refining removes many important nutrients and fiber and contributes to metabolic disorders and other diseases, including diabetes. (So why did we start doing it, you may ask…..). I found it interesting that potatoes aren’t on the chart at all!

Dairy is mentioned only following the word “limit”:  Limit milk/dairy, limit cheese, limit butter. This certainly coincides with the environmental reasons for reducing or eliminating dairy, which may be second only to beef as an earth-damaging food source.

The Harvard School of Public Health is more courageous than the captive USDA in saying directly: “Avoid sugary drinks. Avoid bacon, cold cuts, and other processed meats.”

And the good stuff? I thought you’d never ask. You are invited to eat copious amounts of fruits and vegetables. And with the wonderful array of these available and tasty, that’s the best advice of all.

For a longer summary, go here. This website is a goldmine of information, definitions, recipes, and other information about nutrition.


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