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Valentine’s Day for earth lovers

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It’s not too soon to think about sustainable holidays. Valentine’s Day first. From an article I wrote for Lafayette Today, a local print newspaper, here are some tips I suggested. (The full article can also be found here).

Give time, not things. Take someone you love for a walk outdoors. Offer to help clean up a cluttered garage. Take him or her to a concert of favorite music.

Make a donation to your loved one’s favorite cause.

The classic romantic dinner.  A restaurant meal is not guaranteed to be romantic. In the crowd on Valentine’s Day, the restaurant might like you to hurry so they can seat the next diners, or refuse to customize your request. You could create a romantic dinner at home (using sustainably farmed ingredients, of course!), or dine out on the weekend or on February 13.

Having a party?  Try alternatives to all those paper and plastic goods that probably came all the way from China, destined for an American landfill.  Serve finger foods so that guests only need napkins, or use plates that you can wash.  Or rent plates, glasses, and silverware to make an elegant dining experience.

Single? Treat yourself to a massage. Have a day at the spa. Check out the gently used books at your local second-hand bookshop.

This year, make the earth your valentine!