How to be Green at Work

On any given day, over 140 million Americans are at work, so at least 140 million meals are eaten in the company cafeteria, at the desk, or a the construction site.

What you can do:

  • Avoid fast-food breakfasts.  They’re not very healthy options, and fast food corporations rely on monoculture, long-distance transport, and over-packaging.
  • Brown bag your meals and snacks more often.  Bring leftovers from home in reusable containers, or recycle the paper bag.
  • If you have a microwave oven in your workplace, reheat some leftovers you brought from home.
  • Recycle.  This means carrying a bag or can until you find a proper bin.
  • Encourage the company cafeteria to serve green and vegetarian options, and then select them.
  • Order healthy foods for long meetings and stock the office fridge with fruit and other fresh snacks.

From The Earth-Friendly Food Chain (pg. 73)


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